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HEBES Troubletox

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  • MaterialMitox, Hair keep Complex, menthol , Hydrolyzed Silk, panthenol, tocopherol, sulfosalt extract, rhubarb extract, Anemarrhena asphodeloides extract, Prunella vulgaris extract, korean angelica extract, Pleuropterus multiflorus, poria extract, EGF, IGF,bFGF, Amino acid complex, Oriental Ingredient
  • Size30 * 140 * 0 mm
  • Weight30 g


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Specialized skins & scalp care system
It controls excessive sebum, improve sensitive,unhealthy skin & scalp fundamentally, provides healthy skinand problem healing. 


Effects, efficacy

Rich nourishing ingredients such as Mitox, Hair Keep Complex, panthenol, tocopherol, etc., supply nourishment to hair folicles and hair roots. Plant oils such as jasmine oil and oil balance oil and moisture balance to keep scalp and skin soft and moisturized. Mitox improves the internal and external factors of scalp and skin to fundamentally resolce problems and suppress and eliminate Demodex foliculorum.



When use on scalp : Towel dry hair after shampooing and apply on scalp. Rug gently each morning and evening.

When use on skin : After facial cleansing, use after toner in the evenings.

Acne (Skin troubles) : Use once each evening after facial cleansing and rub into skin.

For normal skin, uwe every 3 days.



30G - 1x tube


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HEBES Troubletox